Budget Barbie Queen of the Desert

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Day 1

28th August 2009
We headed off from Melbourne at 11pm destination Adelaide CBD travelling time was about 8 hours. Our Budget Barbie campervan was all packed up and ready to go. We traveled through Ballarat and then finally stopped at a resting place off the main road about 10kms from Horsham at around 3am to get some sleep. Along the way it rained non stop with heavy rain,traffic on the road was fairly busy with large trucks.


Day 2

29th August 2009
Woke up at 8am after having four hours sleep still raining outside with the sound of raindrops on the roof. We all had an instant coffee as the Delonghi Coffee machine can only be used when were plugged into power and then hit the road to find a Macdonalds for Breakfast and to use their free internet.Back on the road again heading towards Adelaide traveling time 5 hours.We passed fields of canola bright yellow flowers so we stopped to take some photos. Here you can see a picture of me Billy and Dennis at Dow Well Road Haycroft Victoria. Arrived in Bordertown South Australia right on the borderline of Victoria were we stopped for lunch then back on the road again for Adelaide only 3 hours until we reach the city. Tonight we will stay at a caravan park and spend a few days to explore the city as this is my first time in SA.

The Usual Suspects

Map of the trip so far


Day 3

30th August 2009

Last night we stayed at the Discovery Caravan park by the sea which is about 14kms from the CBD of Adelaide.It rained again all night with really strong winds and very cold the Budget Barbie was swinging side to side putting me to sleep. We all woke up around 8am with Bunny rabbits outside our campervan so cute and very tame. After breakfast we headed off into the city and spent all afternoon walking around taking lots of photos of churches. Tonight we decided to stay at another caravan park right in the CBD we plan to stay a few more days before we hit the road for Northern Territory.

Good Morning

Here is another photo of the three of us at the war memorial in the City.I’m wearing Billy’s Hat trying to look very South Australian.


Day 4

31st August 2009

Woke up this morning at 6am and its still raining outside oh dear what’s a girl to do ? Billy and I decided to catch the free bus in the city and see where it will take us for some more photography. Our Dennis is taking the Budget Barbie to a VW mechanic to get them to check out the front left wheel as it was making a clunking noise when we driving to Adelaide. We don’t wont to break down in NT at Broken Hill like the Pricilla Bus Imagine that……. three queens stranded in the desert mmmm not so pretty ! That reminds me I must find a butch outfit to wear for NT.

Here is another photo of me tip-toeing through the Canola’s


Billy and I spent most of our day today at the Botanical Gardens in Adelaide here is a picture of us

Beneath the Bottle Tree

Beneath the Bottle Tree

If you look closely you will see a reflection of Me and Billy at the

Bicentennial Conservatory

Botanical Gardens SA Billy and Frank

Day 5

1st September 2009

Today is the first day of spring and it still feels like winter here in Adelaide we have one more day before we head off to Northern Territory. Our poor darling Budget Barbie is in need of some repairs and today Dennis has booked her into some Butch mechanic by the name of Graham Paris. Apparently our Barbie needs to have her  seals re packed in the CV joints and replace two new shock absorbers for the front wheels. The butch mechanic Mr. Paris had to order the parts from Melbourne and have them delivered by road overnight so hopefully she will be all repaired by tonight otherwise we will be homeless and sleeping on the ground we paid for at the caravan park.Another fun filled day of photographing hope your all enjoy the pictures on Flickr until then Ciao…..

Part Two of Today !

We all spent the day at the Adelaide zoo so we could take some animal photos. We arrived around 10 am and just as we were about to go through the main entrance 2 bus loads of school kids arrived for there excursion. They were louder than the screaming monkeys in their cage.It became such a drama every time I wanted to take photos as I had to wait for them to move so I could get a good picture.

Now for part two of the Budget Barbie story…. We got the phone call from our Butch mechanic “Graham Paris” advising Dennis that the courier from Melbourne who was meant to deliver the parts this morning never showed up. Well it seems that the courier must be still looking for SA on the Map and is totally lost. The Butch Mechanic assured Dennis that it will arrive later on today and to bring the Budget Barbie in first thing tomorrow morning. Its going to take around 4 hrs to fix so we plan to go and see Glenelg before we hopefully leave for NT.

Here is a picture of Billy and I at the Adelaide Zoo today check out my animal photos on Flickr.


I decided to tell you all another funny story which I forgot to mention when we first arrived at the second Caravan Park in Adelaide.

Well Upon arriving at the van park, we were approached by a junky who was trying to sell us an MP3 player for $10. His convoluted story included that his car had run out of petrol and he needed to visit his son at the hospital. Dennis offered him some of our spare petrol from the gerry can. However the junky asked what type of petrol and when Dennis said “unleaded”, the junky replied that he needed “super”. LOL. After we parked our van, he was then scoping out the park, so Dennis went and told the people at the reception and they removed him.

Billy and I had several more encounters with unsavory types the other day. After we hopped off the bus near the cathedral, we needed to go to the toilet. The first public toilet was engaged for quite a while and when the door finally opened on the automatic toilet, I went in. Seconds later, I reappeared with a face of thunder and Billy asked me what was wrong. I replied, “there’s a beanie stuck in the S-bend.” So then we went across the road to the other automatic toilet. While I was inside, a mother and father with three kids in prams came along. Billy was clearly waiting to use the toilet next. But when I emerged, the father pushed straight past me and went in. So Billy said, “Did you see that? He just pushed in front of me. How rude.” So Billy then proceeded to give the wife the evil eye. After a few minutes, Billy got tired of waiting and said to me, “come on, let’s go… unbelievable!” and stormed off. When we got across the road, I said, “Billy – did you realise that they were junkies and he was going in there for a hit?”. Our Billy couldn’t believe it more junkies. We quickly decided to head back to the van park.

On the way home, we were walking back past the botanic gardens. To our amazement, there was a tiny duckling walking dangerously close to the main road. So I tried to get close enough to pick him up but he kept running away. Billy and I both got a bit disheveled because we were scared that he was going to run onto the road. So we re-thought our strategy and I ran in front of the duck while Billy remained at the rear. We cornered the poor little fella against the wall and Billy  was finally able to pick him up. He was very nervous at first but Billy was able to calm him down. Now, what were we going to do with him? Billy suggested we could take him away with us on our road trip and we could use the kitchen sink in the Budget Barbie as his pond. But we decided to go into the botanic gardens administration building which was nearby. Fortunately the receptionist said she would give the duckling to the gardeners to reunite him to his family in the pond.

Stay tuned for more adventures.

Day 6

2nd September 2009

Today has been one of those days we all just wanted to hit the road and head off to Northern Territory but we still had one thing keeping us from leaving Adelaide. Our darling Budget Barbie still needed to be repaired and this morning she was booked in at 9.30am for her new pair of shock absorbers.The very Butch mechanic had promised us the parts would definitely be there and it would only take a few hours to replace. Well clearly this wasn’t the case when he told us the parts had made it to Adelaide but won’t be delivered to his garage until 1pm.We had to basically leave Barbie with him and had to wait for him to call us when she was all repaired.Again we were homeless and had to find something to do for the whole day until we got the phone call.Well we all decided to take a tram ride to Glenelg which is by the sea as it was a gorgeous sunny day.

After visiting Glenelg we headed back into the city and spent the rest of the day at this coffee shop.Here is a Photo of Billy and I after having endless amounts of coffee waiting patiently for the Butch mechanic to call us to say our Budget Barbie was ready to be picked up.After spending about three hours there I began to feel like I was again starting to look like a South Australian.


Billy busy Tapp Tapp Tapping away on his Blog…..


Another picture of the three of us in the city by the fountain can you spot where i am ?


This photo I just had to take at the garage where our Budget Barbie had her repairs done.Because she is a Volkswagon the only repair mechanic in the city that new how to fix her was one that also fixed Rolls Royce, Porches, Ferraris and VW. Well we thought to ourselves only the best for our Barbie It was so funny seeing all these really expensive cars in the garage and our Budget Barbie next to them. The car next Barbie was a Rolls Royce Billy asked the Butch Mechanic if he would be allowed to take a photo of the silver Statue on the Rolls and he replied um sure but its actually called a silver lady. Clearly !


Well were finally on the road Yay ! at 5.30pm heading towards Port Augusta which is about 310 kms from Adelaide .Tonight we will be finding a place to sleep on the side of the road. Its 7pm and I’m busy tap tap tapping away on the keyboard while Dennis is driving and Billy’s being backseat Barbie also working away on his blog. Because its now night time and I was having trouble seeing the keyboard on my laptop Billy gave me a Book light to clip on my screen which he got for free when he bought the snuggies blanket from Demtel. He then made a comment to me how he doesn’t have this problem with his brand new Mac Book Pro as his keyboard lights up at night.

I’m so looking forward to tomorrow until then …… Love to all from the Barbie Girls…..

Day 7

3rd September 2009

This morning I got up at 5.30am as I wanted to catch the sunrise with our Budget Barbie just so I could show you were we slept last night. It was a rest area off the main highway to Port Augusta that all passing trucks use to sleep overnight.

Budget Barbie Sunrise

After breakfast we headed out to our next destination Port Augusta were we will plan to spend two days here as there is so much to see. We checked in at the Shoreline Caravan Park right by the inlet were we unpacked and setup our tables and chairs on the lanai. Today we decided that it would be nice to just sit back and relax and enjoy the peace and quite for a change.Billy and I will be walking down the inlet to take some sunset photos as there is some large cliffs by the water.

I don’t have any funny stories to tell today as nothing really happened so instead I thought I’d share with you some of our terminology that we use each day. Billy and I worked on this last night as we were on the road. Its just another way we pass the time on the road always laughing and having lots of fun…. Clearly !


A quick guide to terminology that you may

encounter in the pages of this blog.

BBC – Budget Barbie Campervan  

Not So Pretty – used to describe anything undesirable

Do You Like the Disco? – used when one sees a particularly handsome person

Tap Tap Tap – adjective used to describe somebody who is very busy on their laptop.

Not One Cent – used when one has encountered a Cheap Skate – accompanied by wagging one’s finger

What’s Her Story? – used when one is perplexed by another person

Get Her! – used when encountering a particularly camp person

I’m Loving Myself Sick – an expression of joy

What Have We Got Here? – a universal question – the proper reply is, “a couple of showgirls.”

Do You Love It? – used when one is excited – the proper reply is mmm-hmm

At All – emphasis on all

Buss (rhymes with puss) – the Australian outback word for bush.

I Have Issues – used when one is disheveled

Off My Face on Vodka & Glue – used when one is very confused

We’re Two Business women on the Go – used when one is particularly busy.

I’m Run Off My Feet – used to describe a particularly hectic period.

On the Lanai – the area under the annex of the Budget Barbie Campervan.

Heaven – expression of approval, can also be “heaven on a stick” for something particularly wonderful.

Day 8

4th September 2009

Well today was a huge event for all of us with lots to see and do. First off we organized to rent a 4WD for the day.We planned on spending the day out in the bush driving through the Flinders Ranges, Quorn and Hawker.We went to pick up our Vehicle from Budget at 8am and instead of a 4WD Mr Budget rentals gave us some sort of Ute arrangement. It was an interesting type of vehicle that came with a CB radio (in case we got lost) a Big orange flag (it was the only colour in the rainbow that he had) and last but not least a flashing orange light on the roof so we can all disco.

We arrived back home around 6pm after a successful day of photographing tomorrow I will spend most of the day sorting through my photos so I can upload them to Flickr so keep a look out for them.

We plan to be heading out to NT over the weekend which I’m so looking forward to it.

Below are some photos of us from our trip today….

Enjoy !

Hold that stomach in …..But I am….


You Gottcha  Flinders Ranges…..


Our Butch Budget Barbie …On the Go !


Outback Traffic Jam


Day 9

5th September 2009

Wow. We’ve had such a fantastic day. We left Port Augusta this morning and headed for Woomera. We’ve seen some amazing things on the way. The barren land is just amazing and we’ve encountered several salt lakes. In fact we’ve decide to camp the night at Lake Hart which is a massive salt flat.This entry will have to be a quick one because it will soon be time for sunset and I’ll be off to take some shots in this amazing landscape.

Enjoy the photos.

A sunrise shot of Budget Barbie and Butch Barbie.


Stopped for a spot of lunch at Island Lagoon just off Stuart Highway SA.


This is how the professional photographers do it…. go Billy!


You Gottcha one and only public toilet in Kootaberra


You gottcha Port a Loo to go !


Only 1050 kms until Alice Springs ……OMG !


Just way too many flies. 


 Wicked Van for hire going cheap.


A message to my gorgeous husband from Lake Hart.


Day 10

6th September 2009

On the road again heading towards Coober Pedy we have a 350 km trip today and its going to take us around 4 hours to get there. Yesterday was my favorite part of the trip seeing the salt lake sunset was just truly amazing I was just in heaven and it was so breathtaking. I have taken hundreds of photos and have had little time to sort through them so I can upload my best shots to my Flickr site. But today I managed to find the time as It was my turn to sit in the back of the Budget Barbie at the kitchen table while Billy was fast asleep and of course Dennis was driving.

We arrived at the information place at Coober Pedy to check out what this town has to offer for the tourists. We checked in at the Caravan Park across the road and Billy went in to pay for one night. When he returned he said love quick hide under the table I told the lady there was only two people as she was going to charge us another $9. I was so worried that I would get arrested if she caught me so I did what Billy told me and we parked the van around the back of the toilet block so the owner wouldn’t see us.

Also the caravan park charges 20 cents for a 4 min shower When I asked why Billy replied Um I’m thinking they have some sort of water issues here…. and I replied Yes Clearly.

Once we settled in and had some lunch we decided to venture out and have a look around so we took off again in the Barbie and drove up the main street. We stopped to look at some different Churches which are all built underground. The most amazing church we discovered was the Greek Orthodox it was really beautiful inside with the church carved into the rock. Billy and I took lots of photos and we were lucky enough to have the whole church to ourselves.We then wondered what the acoustics would be like underground and thought we should try it out. Unfortunately we didn’t know any Greek Orthodox Hymns so we decided to sing Circus by Brittany Spears (Just the Chorus) and to our amazement the sound was unbelievable even though we both sang out of key.

After our singing rehearsals we came across all these signs pointing to this house with lots of sculptures outside and a huge sign saying great views of the town great for photos. So we drove in and stepped out of the van and within seconds a little Chinese man came running out to greet us. He said to us….. You like ? You take Photo…. nice view of town. So Billy and I took some photos and then he started to ask us where we were from. Next he wanted to show us something and we weren’t sure what he was on about so we followed him back to the house. Come Come inside I show you some beautiful things so we went Inside and to our amazement he had a huge display of Opals which he cut and polished himself.He had all the equipment setup in his house for making opal jewelry.We then realised he was trying to sell us his opals and he proceeded to ask me you have wife ? Um NO ! oh You have girlfriend ahhh No ! You Like Opals ? very pretty. YES they are beautiful but I don’t think they would suit me.Thank you anyway…..

We then drove out to a place called THE BREAKAWAYS to take some sunset shots.This remarkable natural attraction is 32kms north of Coober Pedy in the Breakaways Reserve it has some of the most colourful landscape in the area.

Off to our next adventure tomorrow until then enjoy the photos….

We finally Arrive at Coober Pedy.


This is inside the Church were Billy and I sang Circus by Britney.


The little Chinese man’s house.


The amazing view he promised from his house.


The most photographed headstone in Coober Pedy.


Look This one comes with a park Bench !


Our Budget Barbie in need of a drink.


This is what one does while waiting on the side of the road while Dennis is busy refueling Barbie… What’s a girl to do ?



Day 11

7th September 2009

Today was basically a full day on the road as we plan to reach the border of NT .We set up camp overnight at Marrayat Creek off the main Highway. It was so wonderful to just sit back and relax under the stars by the fire and enjoy the peace and quite which I have been wanting to do for such a long time.

We have had no Internet At ALL so I’ve had to wait until we reached the next town to upload this blog for all to read.

Anyhow here is a very funny story for you to read that Billy wrote for his Blog….. I just had to share this one with you as its so hilarious – I’m still laughing every time i think about. 

We stopped for lunch in the middle of nowhere. There were a couple of backpackers stopped there as well. When Frank thought we had run out of sugar for his coffee, he started to panic and became delirious. I said he should go and ask the backpackers for a cup of sugar. We laughed at that suggestion and then we both got a little delirious and imagined an entire scenario where Frank would go up and say, “Excuse me, can I borrow a cup of sugar as I happen to be baking a sponge cake for afternoon tea in my brand new Ezy-Bake oven which I bought for the Budget Barbie Campervan.” We then were in hysterics and couldn’t stop laughing for 10 minutes. Clearly.

More photos for you to enjoy !

Billy was kind enough to organise a Buss Fire for us.


At sunset


That’s me relaxing by the camp fire.


What do you mean this is not an Emergency…..Um I need to speak to my Husband. 



Day 12

8th September 2009

At last we finally made it were here in Uluru at Ayers Rock and I’m so excited I just can’t believe its true. While I wait for our sunset shots I’m busy typing away on my laptop writing this blog and I’m loving every minute of it. I’ve waited all my life just to see this amazing place and here we are sitting on deck chairs in front of Budget Barbie facing Ayers Rock. At 6.35pm tonight will be sunset and were patiently waiting for this truly amazing experience when the rock changes colors as the sun goes down. Dennis has also organised a ladder for Billy and I to climb up top of the Budget Barbie to take the Sunrise shots. We had the best view in town while everyone else was taking photos on the ground. We looked like two professional photographers and everyone was staring at Billy and I …..Heaven !

I took over 400 photos as the sun was setting just to catch the different colors on the rock. I just knew I could not miss this moment and would  be guaranteed to get that one perfect photo. After the sun went down everyone started to leave but we stayed back until dark so we could get some night shots with the stars above Ayers Rock. At 7.30pm when it was pitch black the National Park Ranger drove up and kicked us out of the park.He thought we were going to setup camp overnight by the rock which your not allowed to do.

We are planning on spending 3 days here as there is so much to see and do, a camel ride perhaps or dinner under the stars by the rock or even a helicopter ride who knows what tomorrow will bring.


OMG I’m in the center of Australia you gottcha NT to the Left and SA to the Right! 




130 kms an hour if only our Budget Barbie could go this fast.


Relaxing on the Lanai


We had the best seat in the house.

DSC00419a copy

Now its serious photo time as the sun sets over Ayers Rock.


Everyone else at ground level.


Do you like ?


After the show was over.


Day 13

9th September 2009

Well today is a very special day to remember as we actually got to walk around Ayres Rock and it was so inspiring.I couldn’t believe the size of this huge rock in the center of Australia and it was just amazing to see up close.Our day also included a trip out to see the Olgas for sunset which is approximately 50kms west of Uluru.

We also spent quite a lot of time in the cultural center where you can learn about the traditional law and foundations of the Aboriginal people.I learnt a great deal about their culture and had great respect for their sacred land.I discovered what tourists call the climb on Ayres Rock is the traditional route taken by Ancestral Mala men upon their arrival at Uluru.The Climb is not prohibited,but it has great spiritual meaning to them and they request that we respect their culture by not climbing Uluru.

Unfortunately many tourist that come here don’t respect the Aboriginal beliefs and climb Uluru without any concern.

After spending three days here i feel a spiritual connection to this amazing land and will be an experience I shall never forget.






The Climb



We wait patiently for the sun to set on the Olgas.


This Is the sunset shot of the Olgas from where we were sitting.


Day 14

10th September 2009

This morning Dennis and I got up at 5am to get ready and drive back to Ayres Rock so we could get some Sunrise shots. Billy was fast asleep above the drivers seat as bedside Barbie and when we arrived I woke him up and all he needed to do was open the door and step outside with the view of Ayers Rock to take photos. We took some amazing photos of the sunrise which you can view above on my flickr site.

The rest of the day we spent at the caravan park for some time out and to catch-up on all our photos, emails and blog.We tried to book a Helicopter ride for tonight but it was all booked out so we decided to stay home instead and watch some TV.We asked Dennis to setup the Satellite Dish for the Budget Barbie so we could pick up all the different TV Stations. Billy and I joked about if there was some sort of Barbie Channel we could watch and if so I wonder what she would be cooking tonight in her ezybake oven.

Tomorrow we head off again on the road to visit Kings Canyon and then to Alice Springs. I can’t wait for our next adventure until then enjoy the photos.

This is a picture of me in my one piece grey ensemble consisting of Track of Pant and Hooded Top. It was 3 degrees outside and I just didn’t have the time to plan an appropriate outfit for this spectacular photo shoot.


 Budget Barbie IMG_1859_60_61_62_63

Our daily shot taken at the waterhole at Ayres Rock.


Mutitjulu Waterhole at Ayers Rock


 We can now finally watch our Barbie TV Channel by Satellite.


Day 15

11th September 2009

Today has been such a fun day we started off this morning packing up the Budget Barbie after a three day stay in Uluru.We decided to go back to the Olgas to visit the Gorge and Dunes as we wanted to get some more amazing photos before we headed off to Kings Canyon. Billy and I have been complaining so much about the flies here as they are driving us crazy, especially when one is trying be a professional photographer. So our Dennis decided to go shopping at the resort and he came back with these fly nets that one wears over their straw hat to keep the flies off your face. OMG were so not wearing those its way to embarrassing. Well we soon realised that every tourist in town was wearing one so we decided it must be some sort of outback Buss fashion and that it would be ok. We laughed so much it was pretty much impossible to take photos today so we concentrated more on Snap shots for our Blog as you will clearly see below.

Anyway as I was trying to tell you we were on the road heading towards Kings Canyon and as it getting late so we decided that we really needed to find a place to stop for the night as Kings Canyon was still another 165kms to go. I just happen to spot some sort of dirt track arrangement off the main road and Dennis agreed we should check it out so we can setup camp for the night. It was a perfect location with an open area to build a camp fire . As you will see in the photos below we were in the middle of nowhere and not a person to be seen.

Until then enjoy the Photos…

Where the hell am I ?


Billy auditioning for Out of Africa.


Your local outback Bob Jane T-Mart


Next Stop Kings Canyon – Priscilla Country.


Can you spot Barbie? This is where we camped for the night  in the middle of nowhere.


This is how Blogs are made….


Yesss! Who’s Holiday Barbie?

Budget Barbie

Day 16

12th September 2009

Not one of my good days….

After breakfast, we packed up our camp site and headed for King’s Canyon. About 30km south of the canyon was Kathleen Springs. The boys headed off for an hour walk which I decided not to go as it was in the middle of the day and extremely hot. I stayed in the Budget Barbie catching up on my photos for Flickr. We will be staying at Kings Canyon Caravan Park for just one night only and then off to Alice Springs first thing in the morning.

Well for the rest of today’s story I thought I’d let Billy tell you.

A quote from Billy’s Blog ….

After our walk to the springs, we had lunch and poor Frankie injured himself by walking into a pole. Apparently, he couldn’t see because he was wearing the “Out of Africa” fly net. Then when we arrived at the camp ground, he had a turn because they charged him $18.00 for a packet of cigarettes. Then, because the temperature peaked at 39 degrees Celsius, he threw another tantrum and said, “That’s it! I’m not stepping outside of the BBC to take a photo. I’m going to stay inside and just buy a postcard instead. Then, because we have no internet access, he had another turn and said, “Billy, I hate this place. “Can we go to Alice Springs Now”

Just one more thing before I go as I was finishing off my Blog this evening sitting outside under the stars on the lanai you would believe what just happened to me. I looked up and right there in front of me was a dingo I couldn’t believe it. I freaked out and stood up and screamed OMG its a dingo ! thank god it ran away Billy came running outside from the BBC and said Love get inside Quick Sticks. Yes it was definitely one of those days !

And now for some photos……

Butch Boys don’t cry.


The stupid pole I walked straight into.


Billy on some sort of Safari walk.


Our first sighting of a dingo

(Photo was taken while I was in the BBC)


Sunset Kings Canyon

Sunset Kings Canyon

Day 17

13th September 2009

Woke up again really early around 5am to drive out to see the sunrise at Kings Canyon to get our last photos.We had breakfast by the huge rock and planned our next long adventure to Alice Springs.Our journey was spent on the road for about 6 hours and along the way there was absolutely nothing to photograph. We had no internet or mobile phone for the last two days and we were starting to loose the plot. I have never imagined what it would be like to be cut off from the real world and I got to experience it for the first time.The scenery from Kings Canyon to Alice Springs is just baron land being flat and little vegetation and very dry.

We finally arrived into Alice Springs around 6pm and we were so thrilled to have internet access again and phone.The first thing we did was check into a caravan park and then organise some dinner so we could upload our blogs and make phone calls. Billy mentioned how it would be so nice to have KFC and after being in the Buss for two days my mouth was watering.I wanted to order a Bucket of KFC and just gorge myself as I was starving and couldn’t wait a second longer.

Well we headed into the he city which isn’t very big I might add went round and round in the BBC trying to find a KFC.You had your MacDonalds on the left and you had your Red Rooster on the right but clearly there was no KFC to be seen. Billy and I cracked it and I said love look it up on Google surely this town must come with a KFC.Well you just wouldn’t believe it the closest KFC to Alice Springs was Kakadu which is 1300 kms from here.Our dreams were shattered what’s a girl to do ? In the end we just had to settle for a Roast chicken from Coles as we don’t do Red Rooster.

Anyhow the only photos I managed to take for you to see was in the BBC the funniest one would have to be when I was trying to butch it up on the CB radio talking to the Truckies. Its not an easy thing to do as one must learn how to speak their language I mean what the hell is a Breaker Breaker?

If you would like to leave me a comment I would love to hear from you all.

You can do so at the top of the blog –

Bye for now.

and now for your pics of the day…..

I’m very busy At The Moment…. Clearly!


Breaker Breaker mate


Are we there yet ?


You gottcha –

Witchy Pooh, Bondage Bear,Snoopy,& Donald Duck.

Kings Canyon Sunrise 2

 My handbag


Yeah We finally made it !


Day 18

14th September 2009

Not well again today woke up this morning at 4.30 with the squirts (gastro) and not looking too pretty at all today.By lunch time I was feeling a lot better so we went back into town to do some grocery shopping.As we drove around looking for a spot to park BBC Billy yells out OMG I can’t believe it they do have a KFC.It was no were near Macdonalds and Red Rooster but in a completely different street.I said to Billy I wonder why it never showed up on Google last night and he replied I must of been the first person to ever search for KFC in Alice Springs or the website I went too must been American one….Clearly !

Because I was feeling unwell and not looking too pretty I wanted to buy something nice for myself as I knew this would cheer me up. Hmmm I wonder what I could possibly buy at Alice Springs that could make me look pretty again.Now one must remember this isn’t an easy thing to do and there’s not much available here if your planning on doing a shop till you drop. I found that the local fashion here mainly consists of Stubby Shorts , Blue Singlet’s and Thongs. Unfortunately this type fashion doesn’t quite appeal to me so in the end I finally found something that I really liked and I must say it does look great on me. I bought a Buss Mans Hat just like the one from Crocodile Dundee.The hat was such a success Billy bought one as well and we proudly wore it everywhere we went.

Anyway we were shopping for groceries both wearing our Buss hats in the supermarket I wondered off to get some apples and Billy was checking out the kiwi fruit As you do..Well when I returned to put my bag of apples in the trolley Billy looked up and thought i was some butch local mistakenly putting my stuff in his trolley. Now this clearly proves that The Buss hat really does make me look butch after all.

After the grocery shopping I felt I needed to by myself one more thing that I thought would come in very handy for the Buss when one is in the outback. I went into Jaycar electronics (butch shop for butch men) and purchased myself a compact Solar panel that I can use to charge my mobile phone.I figured this would be a necessity especially when one needs to recharge their phone when your in the middle of nowhere and need to make an emergency call.Well after purchasing my Solar Panel I just couldn’t wait to try it out back at the caravan park.I set it all up and put it in the sun and the two led lights came on red which meant it was charging and all I need to to do was sit back and wait for them to go green. After waiting patiently for over an hour the lights were still red and clearly the device was still not charged.So I decided to read the instructions and to my amazement it read Battery in solar panel will be fully charged in 8 hours in full sunlight.

Now if your planning on making an emergency call on your mobile I figured out that these will be the steps you will need to take.

Step 1: Charge for 8 hrs in full sun.

Step 2: Plug mobile into device and wait for another 2 hrs for phone to be charged.

Step 3: Plan what day you need to make your emergency phone call so you will have time to do steps 1 and 2.

Step 4: Make sure you have full sun this will of course be weather permitting.

Step 5: Last of all do you have reception when your in the Buss? 99% of the time No you don’t !

Here are some photos…..


Got the Squirts and a Mank leg

how much more can a girl take…..


Buss Hat Billy 


Buss Hat Frankie


Solar Panel a must for everyone in the Buss.


Day 19

15th September 2009

We take off from Alice Springs and head off into the buss for our next big adventure at Ellery Creek Bighole. Its about 70kms West of Alice Springs in the West Macdonald National Park were we will camp overnight.There are many areas out that way we will explore before we come back into Alice Springs for one night and then head off to Tennant Creek. We won’t have any internet or phone again so I may not be able to upload my blog until we return into Alice. 

and now for my daily story…

We arrive at Ellery creek and it was just like paradise a huge waterhole set inside a gorge which was so inviting you just wanted to jump in for a swim except the water was freezing cold. Billy and I took pictures just before sunset and then headed back to our BBC.

After dinner Billy and Dennis went back down to the Bighole to take some night shots with the stars.I was way too scared of the dark and also the amount of bugs out there it was all too much for me.While we were sitting outside on the lania millions of tiny bugs and months flew into our Budget Barbie as we had the door open. They where attracted to the light inside and I was becoming quite delirious on what we should do as I was not going to sleep with them.Luckily our Dennis just happened to have some flyspray which soon got rid of them all.

When the boys finally came back from the Bighole Billy was so excited as he and Dennis had seen a UFO in the sky.What a UFO, like a real one, Yes love it was a Huge one and nearly came and took all of us away.At first I thought he was joking but he was very serious there was a flash of light which filled the night sky for a second and it then it happened again.

After the UFO story we all went bed and during night there was cyclonic winds that shook BBC from side to side.Dennis woke up and ran outside to collect the furniture which was blown away into the Buss. Our chairs, table and lantern had all gone even the BBC awning also got damaged with one of its legs snapped off. I heard absolutely nothing and slept through the whole thing and apparently I was snoring my head off. I thought to myself the next morning I wonder if it had anything to do with our visit from the UFO.

Oh just before I go I must tell you another funny story while we were in Alice Springs we popped into BBQ Galore as we were in desperate need of another camping chair as one of them broke. We had so many to choose from and it wasn’t an easy decision to make until Billy found the perfect chair called Foxy Lady.It was absolutely gorgeous and came in hot pink with a little cup holder that suspended from the arm rest by a silver chain. The chair was more like a recliner were you could stretch out and feel like a princess in the Buss ……..We both fell in love with it until we saw the price it was $209. Billy and I both just looked at each other and there was a moments silence where you could see us both thinking should we get it and then at the same time we both said out allowed ……I hate it ! So then we just both stormed out of the shop with no chair and no Foxy Lady.

Your Pics for the day.

Billy and I playing hide and seek before lunch time.


Lunch time in the Buss


 A memorial we saw on the side of the road for a person named Fish.-3659

This is the concrete slab where you can pay your respects to Fish by doing burnouts. Your front wheel of your Harley is placed into the orange metal guide.


A close up the the headstone. 


Some sort of Mini Buss Melons we found growing on the side of the road.


Ellery Creek Bighole

Big Hole

The Foxy Lady Camping Chair 


Day 20

16th September 2009

Not much to report today so I thought I would share with you some of my photos I took today.We left this morning from Bighole and headed out further west to see some more spectacular gorges that the Alice has to offer.After spending all day sightseeing we headed back to Alice springs to a different Caravan park just outside of the city.We plan on getting up really early and making our journey towards Tennant Creek. The journey will be a long one over 500kms and we will no doubt spend another night out in the Buss so we most likely will not have any internet or phone for a few days.

Until then enjoy the photos from today.

Redbank Gorge


Glen Helen Gorge


Ochre Stone of the Dreamtime

Ochre Strone of the Dreamtime

Ochre Stone


 Gosse Bluff


Map of where we travelled today.


Day 21

17th September 2009

Its now 2pm and were only just leaving Alice Springs it has been one of those days again were something just had to go wrong and it did. We decided not leave early as we thought we should stock up on food and petrol again before our long journey to Tennant Creek which is a 5 and half hour trip. By 10am we checked out of the Caravan Park and headed into the city to get our Groceries.We loaded up Barbie and then Dennis reverses out of the Coles car park and right next to us was an empty car trailer that was parked right next to us. As Dennis moved forward he drove straight over the knob of the trailer and our left tyre just exploded with an instant flat tyre. Oh Dear ! I said What are we going to do? Can you fix it? Are we stranded ? are we ever going to leave this town?

Well Dennis wondered off across the road to Bridgestone to ask them if they would replace our flat tyre with his spare. The Bridgestone Mechanic was really helpful and replaced the tyre free of charge. Unfortunately they were unable to provide us with a new spare as they didn’t sell Goodyear but recommended us to drive around the corner to Beaurepairs as they would definitely have a replacement for us.

Billy and I saw some really gorgeous mag wheels and joked about how our Barbie would look just beautiful in a new set and wondered what the butch mechanics reaction would be if we asked him to replace all four tyres with those big shiny mag wheels.

We drive over to our next mechanic to purchase a new spare tyre and and we were in luck as they had one. So then we get to meet another Butch mechanic and this one was real hot Tats and all Billy and I where just drooling.He then wonders off to do our replacement tyre fitting.Dennis was in at reception to pay the bill and then comes out to tell us that there Eftpos machine was down and the lady at reception was going to drive him to the nearest ANZ bank so he could get out some cash to pay them.How’s that for Customer service and Dennis even got a discount because of the inconvenience.

Well when Dennis got back from the bank our hot mechanic was under Barbie bolting in the spare tyre while Billy and I were watching him of course.We could both hear him swearing away as he was having lots of difficulty trying to hold the tyre up and bolting it at the same time. The wrench tool he had was the right size to fit the bolt but was way to long which kept hitting the ground. I quickly remembered the wrench that Dennis used when he first took off the spare tyre and got it out of Barbie’s tool box. I got under Barbie and said in the butches possible voice will this work? Perfect MATE that ill do the trick. Clearly ! I said to myself… V quite in case he heard me.

Anyway your probably thinking when is this story going to end well the best part is yet to come.

While Billy and I were standing there he yells out from under Barbie to me and says MATE  do you think you could give us hand to hold the tyre up while I bolt the fucker in. I looked at Billy as I clutched my pearls and replied Yeh shore mate no worries.I slid under Barbie and with all my strength held the tyre in place as he screwed away. This had to be the butchest thing I have done so far on our trip and I must say it will be the last one.

When I came out from under Barbie I was covered in oil, dirt and looked an absolute mess I desperately needed to fressin up so I asked the mechanic where can I wash my hands. He pointed me into the right direction and you just wouldn’t believe it I had to use SOLVO soap to wash my hands with. Luckily I had my Jurlique hand cream back in the Barbie as I would have died without it.

So now we finally are back on the road who knows what tomorrow will bring.

and now for the pics you’ve been waiting for !

Barbie with her flat tyre


The first mechanic replacing the spare tyre on Barbie


The Shiny Mag wheels we wanted Barbie to have.


 The second Butch Mechanic calling out for me to help him under Barbie. 


My first day on the job as a Butch Mechanic.


All sorted Mate !


Day 22

18th September 2009

Well we are definitely in the heart of UFO country. On our way to Tennant Creek, we stopped at Wycliffe Well – the UFO Capital of Australia”. That’s a mighty big statement to be making, so we had to investigate more. The truck stop was decked out with UFO paraphernalia everywhere. The outside was painted with murals of UFOs and aliens, while inside was a display of all the different news items etc about sightings in the area.

Billy asked the woman behind the counter if she had seen any UFOs and she said, “oh sure.” She then told him how she had seen flashing lights in one area of the sky that then disappeared.He asked her when this had happened.

“Two nights ago,” she replied.

That was the night that Dennis and Billy had their sighting at the Bighole! How bizarre.He then told her his experience, which she was very interested to hear. She then said that people in the caravan park see them all the time. How strange indeed.

Some pics for you to enjoy….

The Map to show you where Wycliff Well is.







One of the more legendary stops along the Stuart Highway, this roadhouse is famous for documented UFO sightings. It also boasts one of the largest selections of beer in the NT (which may explain some UFO sightings). You can stop for a cool drink, or set up camp and admire the famous NT night sky while looking for those little green men.


Display of all the different UFO news


No No the Alien made me do it.


Billy and I  just couldn’t resist on getting a photo as aliens.


Day 23

19th September 2009

We say goodbye to Tennant Creek and head for Mt Isa Queensland which is around 650 kms.We decided last night that we would not travel to Darwin as we only have 2 weeks left before we need to be back home in Melbourne. Our journey will take us across QLD heading for Brisbane where we will catch-up with Dennis’s family and good friend of Billy’s called Ben.

Our day today was another long and tiresome one spending around 6 hours on the road. We had another drama along the way and you just wouldn’t believe what happened your ready for it Yep another flat tyre. Our poor Barbie I just don’t know how much more she can take .

We finally make it to the border of Queensland where we reached a town called Camooweal where we will be staying for the night. Mt Isa is still 200 Kms away where we will need to pick up another spare tyre for Barbie. I knew we should have got those Mag Wheels for Barbie it would of made a huge difference for sure.

Until then here a some pics of our journey today…..

Its time to get up


Before         and          After

IMG_4207 IMG_4206

Huge pots for melting metal


Sign at Tennant Creek advising us its town is Boring


We turn right for Mt Isa QLD


They make em BIG out this way


Not much to see out his way


This termite nest was as tall as me


Zebra Finch

Zebra Finch

A message from the local birds


It just had to happen again yes another flat tyre Poor Barbie


We finally make it to the Queensland Border


Day 24

20th September 2009

Mount Isa is in North-West of Queensland in case you weren’t sure its a very butch town indeed with lots of miners everywhere you look.Here they mine for lead, silver, copper, zinc and Beer….. Again we have noticed the fashion includes Stubbie shorts, blue singlet’s accompanied with thong while holding a beer.

Because today is Sunday and all the shops are closed we have to sit and wait at the caravan park for tomorrow morning so we can pick up Barbie’s new spare tyre. Then were off again across Queensland heading towards Brisbane.

Not much else to report just a quite easy day for us all.

Mt. Isa by Night

Mount Isa Mines

Mt. Isa by Day


Today’s Weather Report

Mt. Isa


Our Travels so far Map 1

Map 1

Map 2

Map 2

Map 3

Map 3

Day 25

21st September 2009

I have to report that we are still in Mount Isa. Unfortunately, we can’t get a tyre until tomorrow.Beaurepairs had to order a spare for us from Townsville and its supposed to arrive overnight.So we decided to make the best of a bad situation and went for a walk into town.

We did manage to find a couple of camp shop signs here though. First was “Passion for Fashion” which no doubt is a very busy shop in Mt Isa. Next we found a barber’s shop called Barber-rama.

Well After I found out that we had to stay one more bloody day in Mt. Isa I somehow lost the plot. Here is a quote from Billy’s Blog:

By this stage, Frank was delirious and he had the face of thunder. So he ate two pies, an apple turnover with fresh cream (because he doesn’t do mock cream) and a strawberry double malt milkshake because he clearly had nothing to live for anymore. I said, “cheer up Frankala. Let’s go to Lake Moondarra.” Frank had lost the will to live so he didn’t argue at all.

Here are some pictures from today in Mt Isa.


Panorama of Lake Moondara at Mount Isa

Lake Moondarra Mt Isa-1

Were still a long way from home


We were so thrilled to spend another day in Mt.Isa


Passion for Fashion – I don’t Think So !


Here is a picture of me looking a little confused

I think they mean Bananarama Billy

and their latest single is

“No Appointment Necessary”



This is what could happen to you if you plan on staying more than one day in Mt. Isa you end a buying your own Pizza place


Today’s weather report

mt isa

We were extremely lucky to be given a view of the river for our Barbie at the second Caravan Park isn’t Just Beautiful ?


upon closer inspection


Day 26

22nd September 2009

Our day began with picking up our new spare tyre from Beaurepairs and thank god it arrived overnight from Townsville. Once Barbie was all fitted with her second new tyre we were back on the road again.After spending an extra day in Mt Isa we all decided we need to make up some time on the road. We drove from 11am to 11pm a twelve our journey with close to 800 kms. Along the way it was the roughest and bumpiest roads I have ever been on and our Barbie was definitely being put through her limits.

We travelled through Cloncurry, Winton, Longreach and  Barcaldine. Along the way there was hours and hours of nothingness so I decided to photography Road Signs. I must of took over 500 photos along the way and thought to myself a collection of Buss signs for my blog. Perfect !

I even took photos of the on coming traffic to get pictures of people waving back at us as Dennis would wave to them. I learnt that most people are too lazy to do a proper wave and only use one finger while still having both hands on the steering wheel. 

After being on the road for so long I was getting pretty tired so I hoped up top for a few hours sleep while Dennis kept driving and Billy was very busy baking an apple pie in his new ezybake oven.

We finally stopped for the night at a rest area for some sleep and Dennis is planning on getting up at first light to start driving again.We plan to be in Chinchilla by tomorrow and spend two days with Dennis’s sister on her property.

And now for your photos.

IMG_5004-1 IMG_4995-1 IMG_4998-1 IMG_5000-1 IMG_5003-1 IMG_4991-1 IMG_5020-1 IMG_5063-1 IMG_5077-1 IMG_5082-1 IMG_5088-1 IMG_5091-1 IMG_5098-1 IMG_5108-1 IMG_5114-1 IMG_5118-1 IMG_5138-1 IMG_5149-1 IMG_5192-1 IMG_5225-1 IMG_5231-1 IMG_5253-1 IMG_5281-1 IMG_5293-1 IMG_5315-1 IMG_4850-1 IMG_4910-1 IMG_4920-1

This has to be the smallest Woolworths in Australia located in Cloncurry


Road Train


This is how bad Queensland Roads are


I still had no mobile phone reception with Optus 


The One finger Wave


and they think they can out do our Barbie




Your Local Buss Beer Free Home Delivery


Billy seeing what its like to be on the other side of the fence


Just thought I’d better check if Miss Dahra has any mail.


  Nope looks like Miss Dahra will need to wait another month.



Day 27

23rd September 2009

I woke up around 6.30am and when I open my eyes I realised we were already moving. Billy was up top sleeping and Dennis was in front driving. I said good morning and within 5 mins we arrived in another town called Tambo. We stopped at another rest area and when I opened my front door there was a Duck outside our BBC to greet me.How funny is that a duck of all things it came straight up to me and started quacking away. I got the coffee on and Dennis gave me some bread to feed it.

After we had some coffee I went for a walk and noticed how misty it was and thought it was fog.We then realised it was in fact dust as Queensland has had some major dust storms.

Our Journey on the road in the last two days has taken us from Mt.Isa through Cloncurry,Winton,Longreach, Barcaldine, Backall,Tambo, Augathella, Morven, Mitchell, Roma, Miles and finally to Chinchilla. It has been very long journey covering 1590 kms which takes around 19hrs travelling without stopping.

We finally arrived at Dennis’s sisters place around 6pm were we plan on resting for 2 days before we head off to Brisbane.

Only three photos today

My new friend Mr. Duck


Dust Storms


How cheap is this….



Day 28

24th September 2009

My day began waking up early so I could catch the sunrise and take some photos on the property.Dennis’s sister Glenda and her husband Roger have a huge property in Chinchilla Queensland with 1006 archers. As I casually strolled through the fields I was greeted by their two horses. One of the Horses is expected to give birth any day and we maybe lucky to see her new foal born before we leave. On the farm they have bore water and also rain water tanks and for their hot water they have to light a fire under a 44 gallon drum to heat the water so you have a hot shower. On my first night here after we travelled for two straight days on the road Glenda had already heated up the hot water so we could all have a shower before dinner. We were all covered in dirt and dust from the dust storms and were in need of a long awaited shower. As I was showering and scrubbing away all the dirt I couldn’t believe how dirty I become and as I was rinsing off under the shower the colour of the water was brown. So I scrubbed again thinking I was still really dirty until I finally realised that it wasn’t me it was the Bore water which was brown in colour.

Later on that day Glenda wanted to show me around her property and we all hopped into the 4×4 Ranger Buggy. This was their transport as the property is so big it would take forever to walk around.I sat in the front Glenda in the middle and Dennis was the driver.In the back was Banjo the dog and Billy sitting on some petrol drum with a sponge foam cushion to make his journey more comfortable. Along the way we stopped for a brief moment and I was instructed to open the electric fence cable so we could drive through. I had to be real careful not to touch the wire as I would of got a shock. This was to keep the two horses from going into the next paddock so I made sure I only grabbed the plastic handle to open the fence. As we drove along real fast we saw some wallabies grazing in the fields Glenda also mention that there is kangaroos and sometimes even dingoes.

We arrived at an open field on the property were the trees had been uprooted and ready to be cleared.Glenda explained that this is were they will flatten out the ground and would plant grass so they can then farm goats.In this section of the property there was some sort of Outback Machinery called a Bucket Drag Line.I just couldn’t resist and had to have a go operating this really Butch piece of Machinery. As you will see in the photos below I was clearly looking the part and could of easily got a job that day as a Bucket driver.

After the photo shoot we all walked back to the Buggy so we could head home as it was getting late.Dennis, Glenda and Billy were all waiting for me to aboard the buggy but I just wanted to get one last photo of the three of them before we left. As you will see in the photo below Dennis and Glenda were waving goodbye to me and Billy was sitting in the back trying to get comfortable. Dennis thought he would try one of his usual tricks by taking off real fast and leaving me stranded in the Buss again which I must say he has done several times before on this trip with BBC.

Well as you can all imagine what happened next our poor darling Billy sitting in the back of the Buggy on the petrol drum went flying backwards into the air doing a somersault. He hit his head on the ground and was knocked out for about 10 seconds and having trouble breathing. I saw the whole thing happened right there before me and couldn’t do a thing we all ran over to rescue him as he was in a state of shock. Thankfully Billy came round and Glenda was able to calm him down and Dennis was feeling really bad on what just happened. Glenda happened to have a water esky in the Buggy and came back with a cup of water for Billy to drink. At this point Billy was laying on his side catching his breath and just before Glenda was about to give Billy a drink I grabbed the cup of water to have a sip first as I clearly needed it before Billy.

Billy was an absolute mess as he was covered in red dirt, grass and twigs and upon closer inspection I could see his Track of Pant was just completely ruined. The left leg had a huge rip in it from catching onto the petrol drum and I knew they were his favorite. Billy had become completely delirious at this point and kept on mumbling away how he was going to die as he believed the bump on his head was going to cause a blood clot in his brain. After the tragic accident Billy was still in pain and his ribs were hurting but not broken just bruised.( I‘m only guessing as I’m no Doctor). Thankfully our Glenda had the right remedy to ease the pain and rubbed in some Horse Linment as this is what one would use out in the Buss. I Thought to myself yes now that would be best for Bruised Ribs and said to Billy here love have some of my Panadine Forte as well.

Tomorrow we will be heading off towards Brisbane so until then enjoy your weekend as I know we will.


Glenda’s Property


Sunrise shot on the Property


The Mare that was expecting any day soon.




1006 achres of property


Wallaby on the property


Original horse stables from 1956 on Glenda’s property


  Buss Bird


The Spider that was on my laptop watching me as I write today’s Blog.


Hot water for your showers in a 44 gallon drum heated by fire


Me taking Billy for a spin in the 4×4


The electric fence remember one must only touch the plastic handle when opening


This photo was taken seconds before Billy’s tragic accident


Now how do you switch this thing on?


  I wonder what all these levers do ?


 For all your Dam Drenching Jobs Call Frank On 0412496162



Day 29

25th September 2009

Today we packed up our BBC after staying at Dennis’s sister place for two days and headed off to Caloundra. I don’t have much to report today as we spent most of the journey on the road and only stopped to have lunch and take some photos. We arrived at our destination around 8.30pm and setup camp at another rest area for the night. We plan on getting up at 4.30am to meet Billy’s friend Ben so we can all get together and take sunrise shots down at Dickey’s Beach where there is a ship wreck.

Only three photos again today….



Prickly Pear




Day 30

26th September 2009

Our day began waking up at 4.30 am awaiting for Billy’s friend Ben to arrive and pick us up for a sunrise shot down at Dickey’s Beach. We had the best sunrise shot in a long time as the sun was a beautiful orange colour from the remaining dust storms. The Shipwreck was the perfect scene to take with the sunrise as you can see from the photo below.

We returned back to our camping spot and spent the rest of the morning relaxing and processing our photos.In the afternoon we decided to go for a buss walk as we were on a mission to take photos of insects. Ben has an interest in taking macro photography on insects and will be teaching Billy and I some photo techniques on getting some amazing close-ups shots.

Tomorrow we head off for Brisbane for a few days and then our journey will take us home to Melbourne.

Ship Wreck on Dickey Beach Caloundra Queensland


Billy’s Friend Ben


Billy giving Ben some Photographic tips on the Canon 5D Mark II


Our Camping Spot in Coloundra


Your Local Scrub Turkey


      IMG_6281-Edit-1 IMG_6291-1  IMG_6308-Edit-1 IMG_6331-Edit-1  IMG_6334-Edit-1

 I highly recommend a can of Buss Man Spray for the BUSS



Day 31

27th September 2009

We all woke up this morning and packed up the BBC and headed off to Brisbane at Dennis’s parents place. I still had one more week left of my holidays and I was missing Lyndon so much that I thought I would surprise him. I booked a flight and planned it so I would be home just in time for dinner. It was the best surprise ever and Lyndon just couldn’t believe his eyes when I walked in the door and said Sweetie I’m Home What’s For Dinner ?

Our 4 Week Trip in the BBC was one of the best Holidays I have ever had and everyday was an adventure as we travelled across Australia. We all had so much fun and laughter along the way and saw so many amazing things. I took close to 8000 photos and will have hours and hours of fun going through them all now that I’m back at home.

Well I thought I would share with you all some extra information in case one day you decide that you would like to follow my footsteps and plan a journey like ours.

1: Kilometers travelled in 4 weeks = 7702 kms

2: Fuel for our Budget Barbie = $2587.19

3: Staying at Caravan Parks = $776.50

4: Food for three people = $712.48

5: Total expenses = $4076.17 

So for 4 weeks with 3 people it worked out to be a very affordable holiday of $1358.72.

Just before I go I would like to say a big thank you to Billy and Dennis for taking me along on this amazing journey through the outback of Australia. Also to all my Blog Fans out there who travelled along with me I hope you enjoyed it at as much as me.

regards Frank


My last photo I took of my holiday of Brisbane City by Night